The Comox Valley SPCA needs your help in a big way.

Branch manager Emily Priestley said they’re in dire need of food, bedding, cleaning supplies, and cash donations.

There are a few ways to donate.

“They can do it through the website, all of the money that is raised in the Comox Valley stays here in Comox, so you can donate online, you can donate through the provincial office, you can call us and do it over the phone with a credit card, so that’s all the ways that people can get help to us without actually coming into the branch.”

If you want to donate items in person, staff is picking them up at the shelter’s front door. 

“Some people, if they’ve left anything of high value outside, they just call us and let us know that it’s there for us to pick up and we’ll just grab it right away,” Priestley said.

All SPCA branches across the province are closed to the public to protect staff, public and visitors from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Branch manager Emily Priestley said that means in the valley, the shelter is restricted-access only.

“We are doing appointments for adoptions, fosters, and emergency surrenders but we have no public access to the branch itself,” she said.

Priestley said so far, they have been able to manage the situation “okay.” 

“We do have staff in the shelter, we are taking care of the animals, we are doing adoptions and that sort of thing, we do have some animals here that are not ready for adoption, unfortunately, so we are working through some medical situations with them and that kind of thing.”

There was an emergency situation with a really sick puppy, and staff was able to quickly take it to the vet for treatment. 

“So we are able to respond to emergencies,” she said. “We do have (our) cruelty investigations departments still on the road so they are answering the cruelty investigation calls across the province, as well.”

Except for appointments for adoptions and emergency surrenders, there is no public access to SPCA facilities. 

However, staff and volunteers will continue to be on site..

The branch’s number is 250-339-7722. Click here for more details about the Comox Valley SPCA.