Some superheroes wear kilts, not capes.

Men In Kilts Vancouver Island North are offering to pick up and deliver groceries to seniors and the mobility challenged during the COVID-19 crisis.

The exterior cleaning business’s co-owner and general manager, Chris Strong, said they are taking every precaution.

“Someone contacts us through our email that we’ve put onto Facebook, we talk to them by phone first to arrange for what it is, we attend their residence, we’re gloved and have sanitizer in the trucks and everything else, we knock on the door, step back with our social distancing, they open the door and put an envelope down with the money and shopping list, and we go out or shop,” Strong said.

Men In Kilts Vancouver Island North are offering a free grocery pickup and delivery service for seniors and the mobility challenged. (Supplied by Men In Kilts Vancouver Island North)

When they return, they leave the groceries and any change that’s left at each doorstep.

The company is also accepting E-transfers.

Strong said the service is meant for people who can’t shop for themselves.

“That’s the big thing,” he said. “The rest of us can get in our vehicle and practice safe practices and get out there and take care of ourselves but it’s those people who can’t. I’m actually in the back alley of a home where I am going to be dropping some stuff off and the gentleman has been stuck in his home for 17 days.”

He added that the company wants to give back to the island community.

“It’s just something we want to do, no other reason other than that. People can’t do it for themselves and we need to step up and be neighbourly… everybody.”

The service is offered from Duncan to just north of Campbell River.

You can contact them by email ([email protected]) or by calling 1-800-777-KILT or through Facebook.