A group of web developers and volunteers have come together to design a place where anyone can sign up and receive much-needed services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s called Comox Valley Helps.

Carla Voyageur is one of the web developers and the team’s media spokesperson.

She says a bunch of people from the Comox Valley just came together and thought the site would be a great idea.

“We decided to just go ahead and launch this site so that it’s Comox Valley local. Just by word of mouth and a group of web developers in the valley decided to put some time and effort into creating this website so that we could have it sort of like a bulletin board to connect volunteers with people who need help during this time.”

Voyageur says the options for both volunteers and those who need services range from simple grocery delivery to tutoring or teaching opportunities.

“There’s the basics of grocery shopping, or pick up and delivery, whatever that looks like. I know there has been a lot of that going around already through Beacon Buddies and Facebook groups but also the one neat added feature that we’ve provided is services is that people have talents and experience that they want to offer other people get up and going on their feet, even just a service to be able to connect and chat.”Local website connecting volunteers to the Comox Valley community during COVID-19

“If people are feeling lonely, there are people who have offered to just check in with people, and also things like physical activities- if somebody wants to do guided yoga or something like that. The options are limitless,” added Voyageur.

She says the site is still in the early stages, but the goal is for it to be the “hub for Comox Valley COVID-19 related info”.

To learn more, or to sign up as a volunteer visit the website here.