We could all use a little more cowbell.

That’s why London Drugs is offering $5 cowbells at all stores as well as online with net proceeds going to COVID-19 healthcare needs in each Western province.

In B.C., cowbell sales will support the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control Foundation for Public Health

London Drugs president and chief operating officer Clint Mahlman said they can be used to make some 7:00pm noise each and every night for our frontline workers.

“The purchase of a cowbell will not only add to the nightly cheer we hear across our cities but also the net proceeds will go directly into our provinces’ health care systems,” he added.

Meanwhile, London Drugs said in a release that as “more and more grocery stores and pharmacies have expanded their opening hours beyond 9:00pm in the last couple weeks, it has given frontline workers many more options to find the essentials for their families now.”

“As a result, the past two weeks have seen a dramatic decline in frontline workers and first responders taking advantage of London Drugs’ exclusive end of day shopping hour.” 

As of yesterday, everyone will once again be able to shop during this time. 

London Drugs says it will reinstate the exclusive shopping hour in the future as needed.