Curbside collection is changing to protect workers from COVID-19.

Comox Strathcona Waste Management says all waste for roadside pickup must now be bagged and securely tied.

Loose items will be tagged and left behind.

You’re asked to properly bag items and place your garbage back out on your next garbage collection day.

You will not need an additional tag. 

Check with your municipality or your private provider to determine if there have been any changes to your garbage or recycling pick-up schedule.

To reduce demands on recycling depots, you’re asked to hold back on dropping off recyclables until regular service can be restored.

Before you head to your local garbage and recycling facility, you’re asked to consider if your trip is essential or if you could hold off. 

As well, if you or a member of your household have COVID-19, you’re asked to hold off on putting your garbage, recyclables and yard waste at the curb until after your quarantine period has ended.

Things like dirty tissues must be placed into a plastic bag within your garbage can for disposal. 

That means no loose items.

You’re asked to call the waste collection company Emterra at 250-336-8066 if you have questions about these changes.