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GoFundMe gaining traction for Sarah the Raptor rebuild 

It looks as though Sarah the Raptor could be pieced together again.

A GoFundMe to raise funds to repair the driftwood sculpture In Campbell River’s Willow Point area is gaining major traction.

In just three hours, ‘Restore Sarah the Raptor’ had already passed its $1,000 goal. 

You can link to the GoFundMe here.

Sarah was ripped apart by vandals last weekend.

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Alex Witcombe of Drifted Creations created Sarah. He said the damage is quite severe.

“Sarah’s neck has almost been ripped off, her front arms have been torn off, all of her teeth broken out, and she’s been moved from her position. It’s pretty bad. I don’t even know if it can be a rebuild.”

Just when Witcombe thought Sarah couldn’t be fixed,  an outpouring of community support began to flow his way. 

“I saw firsthand how many people were affected by this act of vandalism, what Sarah meant to them and their family and friends, and what they were willing to contribute to get her restored and back on the beach,” Witcombe said.

This is no easy fix, however. Witcombe said Sarah is in need of a complete restoration.

A return to the studio is necessary with a four-day rebuild to bring her back to ‘better than new’ form. 

The $1000 goal needed to bring Sarah back reflects the $250/day income goal Witcombe has for his normal studio time. 

“As much as I would like to donate this studio time myself to restore her, my studio and living expenses need to be met,” he said. 

Witcombe said any contributions above the $1,000 mark for Sarah’s restoration will be put towards more public driftwood art for the community.

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