The Centers for Disease Control in Washington is providing businesses some advice on how to deal with customers suffering COVID-rage.

On its website, the CDC is devoting a page to information that can be used by “employers and employees in retail, services, and other customer-based businesses.”

There are strategies to limit violence faced by staff after a business begins using policies and practices to help minimize the spread of COVID-19 among employees and customers.

Businesses and workers may face threats, verbal abuse or verbal assaults, and the possibility of a physical assault, such as being hit, slapped, pushed or choked.

The Centers for Disease Control suggests using conflict resolution skills to find a peaceful way to end a confrontation.

Staff should remain calm, give the upset person some space, make sure other people are nearby and do not touch the person or try to forcibly remove them.

Read more at the Centers for Disease Control website.

– with files from Mike Patterson