The K’ómoks First Nation community has free smoke/carbon monoxide alarms.

This is thanks to a donation from Comox Fire Rescue, which teamed with First Alert to deliver the alarms to the nation.

Comox Fire Rescue says it recognizes the value of having working smoke/carbon monoxide alarms.

Fire chief Gord Schreiner says they have a great relationship with KFN and have been providing them with full-service fire protection for many years. 

“We are working hand in hand with them to try to ensure that all their homes have working alarms,” Schreiner said. 

“As we all know, working alarms can save lives”.

KFN members can contact or visit the Band office to pick up their free smoke/carbon monoxide alarms.

Others can contact the station at 250- 339-2432 or to see if they too can get a free smoke/carbon monoxide alarm from the fire department.