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If and when snow arrives, give crews space, says Mainroad GM

Winter-like weather is here, and Mainroad North Island Contracting wants you to be prepared.

General manager Chris Cowley says what’s shaping up to be a chilly week will bring some tricky driving conditions.

“Drivers should be aware that first thing in the morning there is a potential for black ice, and then later in the week we could even see some accumulations of snow,” Cowley said. “Definitely at the higher elevations but in the Campbell River area, it may just be a rain/snow combo with some slush.”

He says Mainroad crews will be out, pre-treating road surfaces with brine or salt as conditions warrant.

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Cowley added that their crews are ready for whatever Mother Nature is going to throw at them, including snow.

“All our trucks are winter prepped and our stockpiles of sand, and salt and brine are ready to go.”

If we do get a dump of snow, Cowley is urging drivers to give Mainroad crews the space they need to do their job.

“Never pass a plow, it’s just not a safe activity. The plow blades could stick out from either side. We have wings and extendable underbody plows so it’s hard to tell in the snow where our plow trucks start and end,” he stressed. 

“So it’s best to give it a very wide berth and stay back.”

The same goes for brine trucks, he added: “They can’t turn on and off the brine as they’re going, obviously that would interfere with the application on the road so give them the space to work and let the brine do its work.”

He’s urging everyone to drive to the conditions, especially considering that we don’t see the same kind of winter as other parts of B.C.

“The speed limit is the speed limit for clear and dry and as it gets colder we need to be travelling a little slower, especially in those first few hours of the morning.”

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