Once the new year rolls around, the waste collection schedule for Comox residents will be changing.

The town is reminding residents that once January hits, the area landfill will be closed on all recognized statutory holidays.

That means changes will be rolled out for both residents and businesses that receive curbside collection, as well as for those that have frontend container collection services directly from Emterra Environmental.

For residents, business or strata managers that receive curbside pick up, their schedule will start on a different day the first full week of January, and change three times throughout the year as a result of the above-noted closures. 

A 2021 Curbside Waste Collection Guide is being mailed to all residents and businesses this month that outlines the calendar at a glance, capturing where the collection dates shift.

The 2021 Curbside Waste Collection Guide, which includes the 2021 collection schedule, tips on recycling and other details about the changes, can be viewed and downloaded at www.comox.ca/wastecollection.