As we roll into 2021, the Comox Valley Regional District is sending out a reminder that your garbage collection schedule will be changing this year. 

The reason for the change is because Comox Strathcona Waste Management will be closing the landfill on all statutory holidays.

The pick-up changes will be specific for Comox and Courtenay, and Courtenay will be changing collection zone boundaries and adding a new one.

The change will see the number of zones increase from the current four to a new five-zone schedule Monday through Friday.

To accommodate both of these changes, the city is shifting to an “Add-A-Day” collection calendar, with curbside pickup shifting by one day after every statutory holiday.  

Courtenay is encouraging residents to sign up for reminders by text, email, or phone with the Courtenay Collects mobile and web app to stay on top of collection calendar changes.

To learn more about the specific changes coming to Courtenay, visit the city’s website

In Comox, if you are a resident, business or strata manager that receives curbside pick up, your schedule will start on a different day the first full week of January, and then change three times throughout the year.

You should have received a Waste Collection Guide last month to better explain the changes. 

If you are a business or strata manager that receives frontend container collection services you may need to reschedule an alternate date with Emterra Environmental.

To learn more about the specific changes for curbside collection in Comox, visit the town’s website