An ongoing pandemic doesn’t mean you can break the law and drive drunk.

This comes after police in Port McNeill pulled over a drunk driver who was first spotted cruising through a school zone.

According to RCMP, the driver told officers on scene that he didn’t think he’d get a breath test because of COVID-19.

“He was wrong,” the detachment says. “He provided breathalyzer samples in excess of 3.5 times the legal limit. His vehicle was impounded, licence revoked and he will be appearing in provincial court in March to face criminal impaired driving charges.”

Port McNeill RCMP add that impaired driving continues to be a big issue around town.

They’re now thanking the witness who reached out after spotting the drunk driver, while also reminding the public: “the more information you can give the dispatcher regarding the driver, vehicle, and direction of travel, the better.”