More flights into Vancouver Island have been added to the exposure list in the last week.

The BCCDC says since April 20th, five flights to Nanaimo and Victoria have reported positive COVID-19 cases.

Those flights include: 

  • WestJet flight 3109 from Calgary to Nanaimo. Affected Rows 1-4 (April 23rd
  • WestJet flight 3115 from Calgary to Victoria. Affected rows 9-15 (April 22nd)
  • Air Canada/Jazz flight 8079 from Vancouver to Victoria. Affected rows 3-9 (April 21st)
  • Air Canada/Jazz flight 8261 from  Vancouver to Nanaimo. Affected rows 7-13 (April 21st)
  • Air Canada/Jazz flight 8261 from Vancouver to Nanaimo. Affected rows  3-9 (April 20)

If you were on any of these flights, the BCCDC is asking that you self-monitor yourself for any symptoms for 14 days. If you were sitting in one of the affected rows, you are considered a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case, and Public Health will contact you directly to let you know.

Since the start of April, 20 flights into Vancouver Island from places like Calgary and Vancouver have reported positive COVID-19 cases.

To see the up-to-date list of current flight exposures, visit the BCCDC website