BC Hydro is issuing a public safety advisory for sections of the Puntledge River at different times over the next month.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from June 15th to July 14th, the advisory will be in place for the Barber’s Hole, Nymph Falls and Stotan Falls stretch of the river, as flows will be more than double. 

Flows at these locations will go from about six cubic metres per second (m3/s) to the 12 to 17 range. 

Temporary caution safety signage will also be in place. 

BC Hydro spokesperson Stephen Watson says this is the time for summer Chinook salmon to enter the river system and begin migrating up the watershed. 

“We are set to begin the salmon migration and spawning flows to assist them to move up the approximate six kilometre stretch of the Puntledge River from the generating station to the Puntledge River diversion dam, and ultimately through a fish ladder at the Comox Dam and into the Comox Lake Reservoir and beyond,” Watson said. 

There will be five, two-day releases, starting June 15th and 16th, and then taking place each Tuesday and Wednesday until July 14th.

Watson added that less river recreation means less during salmon migration flows, which will enable better fish movement upstream.