The window of opportunity has opened a little wider for James Fazeli-Sinaki.

The Grade 12 from Mark R. Isfeld Secondary was among the recipients of the Beedie Luminaries scholarship.

Scholarships of up to $40,000 are given to promising B.C. students who have faced life challenges and adversity with determination and resilience. 

For many, including Fazeli-Sinaki, this scholarship means the difference between being able to attend post-secondary or not.

Fazeli-Sinaki says getting the scholarship has massively reduced the heavy financial burden of university. 

“It means I no longer have to choose between taking on an immense debt or forgoing a university education,” he added. 

“I feel honoured to know that those at Beedie Luminaries believe in my future and are willing to put their time and money into helping me succeed.”

He said that the Beedie Luminaries scholarship does not only provide him with a huge financial award, “it also gives me an entire support system at university, an individual mentor knowledgeable about my field of study, a peer support group and even internship opportunities.”

“I’m so thankful and I can’t wait to begin my university experience,” Fazeli-Sinaki said.

Ryan Beedie, through his foundation, Beedie Luminaries, awarded $5.1 million in scholarships to 112 B.C. Grade 12 students as well as 15 single parents looking to pursue further education. 

This is the third year that Beedie Luminaries has given scholarships to high school students and the first year that it has awarded them to single parents.

This year’s Grade 12 recipients come from 65 high schools in 26 communities, with 35 per cent being the first in their immediate family to pursue post-secondary education and 75 per cent coming from single-parent or legal guardian families.