Chalk one up for this concerned citizen who helped stop a drunk driver.

RCMP officials have confirmed that on May 6, at 1:45 p.m., the Comox Valley RCMP received a report of a suspected impaired driver, travelling northbound on Highway 19A.

Police say the complainant was following the suspect vehicle at the time, and a nearby police officer was dispatched to intercept them.

Prior to police arriving, the suspect vehicle stopped, and the complainant was able to approach the driver, stop the car, and take away the keys.

After responding quickly to the scene, RCMP members found one of the three witnesses who had stopped, was in the rear seat of the suspect vehicle comforting a small child seated in a car seat.

“I commend the people who got involved and assisted us in apprehending this suspected impaired driver, and ensuring this young child was safe”, says Inspector Tim Walton, Officer in Charge of the Comox Valley RCMP.

“I encourage anyone who observes an impaired driver to contact 9-1-1 immediately, so that our officers can take them off the roads”.

The driver of the vehicle was detained for Impaired Driving, and later released for a future court date where she will face a charge of impaired driving.

Police confirm the Ministry of Children and Families were immediately notified of this incident.

RCMP say no further details relating to the child will be released.