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Comox Valley RCMP responds to nine reports of dogs left in vehicles in June

Don’t leave your dog in your vehicle in hot water.

The Comox Valley RCMP is spreading this message, because, since June 1st, police have responded to nine reports of hot dogs inside vehicles in the valley. 

Police are reminding everyone not to leave dogs inside parked vehicles, even with the windows cracked open.

If you see a dog in distress, call the BC SPCA Hotline at 1-855-622-7722 as soon as possible. 

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The call centre will send police officers and if one is not available, they’ll send additional emergency services who can help rescue the dog.

The SPCA says this is what you should not do if you see a pet in distress in a parked vehicle:

Break the window

While most people mean well when they say they’d be willing to break a glass window to get an animal out of a roasting vehicle, it’s strongly recommended you don’t.

  • Only RCMP, local police, and BC SPCA Special Constables have the authority to enter a vehicle lawfully to help a pet in distress
  • Not only are you putting yourself at risk when you break a glass window, but you also risk harming the dog.

Leave the A/C on

You may have seen the sign on a vehicle saying, “the A/C is on.” Some may think this is an option, but it is not a good one. Your pet can still end up at risk if the air conditioning stops working, it’s not a guaranteed solution. It’s best to simply leave your dog at home where there’s more space, water and shade.

For more information, click here.

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