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Union Bay water, fire and other services now part of CVRD

Residents of Union Bay are now officially part of the CVRD, when it comes to services at least.

The Comox Valley Regional District announced today that the conversion of services from the Union Bay Improvement District (UBID) to the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) is complete.

The conversion of water, fire and street lighting services from the UBID to the CVRD is the result of a November 2020 referendum, where residents in Union Bay voted 72 per cent in favour of transitioning to the regional district. 

As of July 1st,  the UBID is officially dissolved, with its services and assets becoming the responsibility of the CVRD.

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“Thank you to the UBID staff, Trustees, and volunteers who have contributed their time, hard work and leadership to maintain and supply services to the community for the past 60 years,” says Ian Munro, former Chair of the UBID Board. 

“There is a significant history of successfully providing critical services and achieving progress for the community that should not be overlooked. Union Bay continues to own its proud heritage on Vancouver Island, and this conversion is merely a step on the path towards our promising future.”

The CVRD says those living in Union Bay will likely not notice most of the changes, but a fairly significant change will be the billing to Union Bay residents, which will now come directly from the regional district.

To learn more about the conversion and what it means for residents in Union Bay, including contact information for services now provided by the regional district, visit the Comox Valley Regional District’s website. 

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