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First off-leash dog park opens in Comox

Great news for our four-legged friends and their owners – a first of its kind, off-leash dog park is now open in Comox.

You can find it at the former Comox Elementary School at Rodello Street and Fairbairn Avenue.

The space is a simple area with four-foot high fencing that surrounds a 32,000 square foot area, doggy doo-doo bag dispenser and collection bin, as well as picnic tables for owners to watch their dogs off-leash.  

It’s the result of a collaboration between the Town of Comox and School District 71.

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The Town says they chose the site because of its central location that required few site amendments to enable a dog park to be located there.

The  pilot project between the Town and the School District is based on a five-year agreement that will allow time to test the space and potentially establish other improvements to the area, as well as to monitor demand levels for off-leash dog park space in Comox.

“As our population has grown, so too has the number of dogs in the community,” said Comox Mayor Russ Arnott. 

“The Town wanted to establish a space for residents to exercise and socialize their dogs in a controlled environment, and this site offered a good solution. On behalf of Comox Council and residents, I extend our thanks and gratitude to School District 71 for their terrific collaboration on this pilot project.”

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“The School District is pleased to collaborate with the Town on the new dog park,” said SD 71 secretary treasurer, Brenda Hooker. 

“The school district had a portion of the Comox Elementary site that was excess to our current needs, which complimented the Towns desire to establish an off-leash dog park. As with numerous other partnerships throughout the Comox Valley, the District facilitates community enhancement projects where possible. Our students benefit significantly from living in robust communities that offer diverse recreational opportunities.”

For more information on the new off-leash dog park click here

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