Saturday marked a historic moment…it was the first-ever Goat FM Baby Races!

The fun took place at the Real Canadian SuperStore in Courtenay, and a group of babies crawled as fast as they could to reach the finish line first and earn some sweet prizes for their family. Some of the prizes included SuperStore gift cards and golf passes to Storey Creek.

But only one baby could be declared the winner, and that baby was 1-year-old Jace Woodcock.

Jace’s father Clint Woodcock says it was a good time.

Jace’s mom Jill adds there was plenty of excitement at the SuperStore.

Clint goes into the strategy they put into place, and says Jace isn’t normally that speedy at home.

Well it looks like finally seeing his mommy after that 2-day stretch certainly gave Jace the need for speed and the extra boost he needed to win the first-ever Goat FM Baby Races!