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Courtenay, Comox mayors remind people to be safe during winter snow

With more snow hitting the Comox Valley, mayors are reminding residents of their responsibilities and to be safe when winter wonderland hits.

While city crews are out clearing roads, Comox Mayor Russ Arnott says residents and businesses need to be clearing their sidewalks outside their buildings. He also said safety is the number one priority and to stay home if driving isn’t needed.

“The important thing is if you don’t have to go out, don’t go out,” said Arnott. “Just stay home, enjoy the snow from your window and let the snow removal crews do their job.”

“If you have to drive, give yourself a lot of extra time to get where you’re going.”

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He recommends that pedestrians take extra precautions as some sidewalks may not be cleared.

Courtenay Mayor Bob Wells also says drivers need to take precautions and clear all the snow off their cars. He says this can help improve visibility and limit hazards on the road for other drivers.

“When we get a big dump like we did last night, make sure you’re removing all that snow from your vehicle before you start driving around,” said Wells. “One, to make sure your visibility is as clear as possible so you can see any obstructions that are out there but also so that you don’t have any rogue snowdrifts coming off your vehicle that can impede other traffic.”

The cities’ priorities include keeping main roads clear and bus lanes open. Both Wells and Arnott say snowplows can be helped with the clearing of storm drains and moving vehicles off the road if possible.

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“If you have the ability to keep your vehicles in your driveway and off the road that does give us a better way of clearing the roads as wide as possible,” said Wells. “One of the unfortunate issues that can happen is the snowplows can actually bury your vehicle even further.”

The cities are also asking people to look out for their neighbours as the snow can be quite heavy and difficult to move for some residents in the valley.

A full list of responsibilities for residents can be found on the City of Courtenay and Town of Comox websites.

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