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Unique snow sculptures turning heads on Vancouver Island

A Vancouver Island woman is making the most of recent snowfall, crafting snow sculptures that leave her neighbourhood in awe.

Though she’d rather remain anonymous, people are calling her the “Snow Ninja.” And one of her neighbours, Jessica Calado, says her unique talent is paying off, putting a smile on people’s faces.

“We all love it,” Calado tells Vista Radio. “We have a community Facebook group that I always post to so everyone can know there’s a new one up, so they can come and see it if they feel so inclined to.”

The sculptures can be found on Cordero Cres., just off Erickson Rd. at South Dogwood St. in Campbell River.

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According to Calado, this is the first year her neighbour has been packing together the displays. Following last month’s snowfall, it started as a dragon, then the Grinch, and now, it’s a dinosaur.

“This year’s been the first that we’ve gotten snow that she can really work with,” she explains. “The dinosaur was definitely the biggest hit. We had people driving by.”

But Calado admits the “Snow Ninja” has been getting a little help from herself and her two young kids – who are also the Ninja’s “biggest fans.”

“We have a plan for our next one,” explains Calado, “but we’re not really saying much yet just in case it turns out to be something different. It kinda goes with whatever the snow ends up looking like, right?”

For those interested in coming out and seeing the sculptures, Calado stresses safety: “We just ask people to be careful because it’s very, very slippery out. If you are getting pictures with him, be very careful walking around,” she adds.

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Photos: Jessica Calado/Facebook

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