A major waste management provider serving B.C. communities is pressing an urgent plea following the recent plethora of snow.

Waste Management (WM) asks businesses and property managers around Vancouver Island to remove snow and ice to ensure its crews have safe access.

According to the company, one of the most important tasks this winter, especially with the current s­evere weather, is to clear the path for reliable recycling, food scraps or garbage collection.

“We know businesses and multi-family communities are counting on reliable service, and WM drivers are trained to anticipate all kinds of weather conditions,” says WM Operations Director Matt Paden.

However, he says the problem comes when snow and ice block access to containers.

“No one wants overflowing containers this time of year,” Paden adds. “Unfortunately, snow and ice can make it impossible for WM drivers to provide service. To ensure regular collection, we’re asking businesses and property managers to keep areas clear and safe.”