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BCers Now Able to Change Gender on Provincial IDs Without Surgery

Those looking to change their gender on their BC Identification cards will no longer need confirmation from a physician to do so.

This means that BCers will no longer require Gender confirmation surgery to legally have their genders changed on Provincial identification. This applies to the BC Services Card, B.C. driver’s licence, BCID card, and B.C. birth certificate.

The news in an announcement from the province on Friday which made the province the first to move to a non-medical model of gender identification.

Since 2018, BCers have had the third option of an “X” as a gender marker.

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Health Minister Adrian Dix says this is in commitment to advancing equity for two-spirit, transgender, and gender diverse people.

“This announcement will make it easier for people to have their true genders reflected on their B.C. identification documents. We will continue our work toward creating a health-care system that works for everyone,” Dix says.

An estimated 46-thousand people – which is around 1-percent of BCers – identify as trans or gender diverse.

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