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Comox Fire Rescue replacing aerial truck

Comox Fire Rescue has ordered a new aerial truck.

The truck will include a three-person platform bucket on the ladder that can lower two or three victims at once.

The vehicle will also feature a built-in anti-idle system and will have a reach of 110’ and cost approximately $1.5 million.

The purchase is being funded by revenue from the fire department’s response efforts, the Town of Comox and the Comox Fire Protection District.

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“We strongly believe in the need to invest in our citizen’s safety and deliver high quality emergency services,” said Comox Mayor Russ Arnott. “This decision is necessary to ensure our equipment is kept to the highest standard, and we believe this was done so in a fiscally responsible manner.”

“We have enjoyed great service from Comox Fire Rescue and have a very solid working relationship with the Town of Comox,” said Comox Fire Protection District chairperson Scott Park. “This is truly one of those win/win situations and we can’t be happier with the result.”

The truck is scheduled to be delivered in the fall of 2023.

“The replacement aerial truck will maintain and enhance our current capability to ensure our community is safe and protected,” said Comox fire chief Gord Schreiner. “This new truck will be the greenest in our fleet and is expected to serve the community until 2042. With larger buildings and a growing Comox community to service, we believe this is the right purchase at the right time.”

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