During the early morning hours of May 25th, police were called to a residence on the 1800 block of Cumberland Road in Courtenay for an attempted break and enter. The homeowner heard a noise and saw a male attempting to open a window. The suspect was scared off. This investigation is ongoing.

On May 25th, police were called to a residence on the 4700 block of Condensory Road in Courtenay to a report of a stolen vehicle. The owner reports finding a bike, which was later found to be stolen as well, in place of her car. Later in the day, the Nanaimo RCMP located the car abandoned but not damaged.

On May 28th, police were called to a report of a man pawning stolen property at a local pawnshop. The man was known to police and later located after having committed several other crimes. The man is in custody and awaiting a court date.

Police took a report of a theft of a 5.5 horse-power boat motor off of a boat located on the 100 block of Stubbs Place in Courtenay.

During the early morning hours of May 31st, police happened upon a vehicle that was being driven in an erratic manner. The vehicle was stopped and the “new” driver was exhibiting signs of alcohol impairment. The driver refused the roadside screening device and was given a 90-day immediate roadside prohibition and had his vehicle towed and impounded for 30 days.

On May 31st, police took a report of an attempted theft of a pickup truck while it was parked on the 2300 block of Mansfield Drive in Courtenay. The suspect pried open the truck door and then tampered with the ignition. A residential garage door opener was the only thing reported missing.