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Village of Cumberland approves funding for new fire truck

Up to $80,000 has been approved by the Village of Cumberland for the purchase of a new fire truck.

The funding will be used to replace the current fire rescue unit No. 5, a 2003 Ford F-250 that fire chief Mike Williamson says is in poor condition.

Williamson says the truck is used as a “bush truck” for hard-to-reach, difficult terrain and carries a 150-gallon water and foam tank. He adds it is used during wildland fire season or to extinguish small campfires when campfire bans are in place along with inspections.

With damage to the frame suffered on July 25, Williamson says the truck will need an unexpected replacement.

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“We’re requesting to buy a newer one to tow our structural protection trailer, tow our boat, tow our environmental trailer, do work in the backcountry here, support places we can’t get an engine [to] if needed,” Williamson said to council.

Williamson adds two vehicles have been found on the Island that would fit the needs of the department.

Concerns from council members found the issue with the vehicle has to do with age rather than what the vehicle is capable of carrying.

Funding will come from the fire vehicle and protective equipment reserve, looking at a vehicle cost of $73,000, followed by $2,000 for decals and $5,000 for other emergency equipment.

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Despite the cost to the reserve and requirement, council said the new vehicle would be necessary, especially during the summer months.

“We need a bush truck and we have the money in reserve and I understand we were going to buy another one in two years,” said councillor Vickey Brown.

Council says they plan to sell one of the fire engines in the future, to put some money back into the reserve fund.

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