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Updated: United States Coast Guard monitoring orcas near oil leak

The US Coast Guard says southern resident killer whales have been seen west of Port Angeles, well away from the oil spill next to San Juan Island.

In an update Monday afternoon, they say a Coast Guard cutter is still at the scene to oversee contractors. About 640 metres of booming has been placed to absorb surface oil from a sunken fishing vessel.

They add divers are on scene to find the best way to secure vents on the vessel so tanks can be de-fueled.

The 49-foot fishing vessel sunk over the weekend, dragging down over 9,800 litres of diesel and oil.

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—Sunday, August 15—

The United States Coast Guard and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are monitoring resident killer whales to keep them away from an oil leak.

Coast Guard says a 49-foot fishing boat sunk on Saturday, taking down 2,600 gallons (about 9,842 litres) of diesel and oil. The result is an oil leak off San Juan Island.

The boat’s crew was rescued by a “good Samaritan”, according to the Coast Guard.

Southern resident killer whales are being monitored and appear to be heading west, however, they say they may use approved deterrents to keep the orcas from getting too close.

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They say they found the ship using side-scan radar. The US Coast Guard says a dive team is on-site to determine the best way to remove the boat and contaminants from the water.

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