The Fanny Bay Fire Department has just kicked in a complete fire ban due to concerns from the Fanny Bay Waterworks Improvement District of a critical shortage of water this summer because of the current drought conditions on Vancouver Island.

“We are a major water user of the system and as a fire department we are committed to a number of operational changes that will reduce water usage,” said Fanny Bay fire chief Mike Smith. “One key commitment is that we institute a complete fire ban, which includes campfires, to mitigate the risk.

In support of further water conservation we have instituted several water re-use procedures which we re using for training exercises.”

Fanny Bay waterworks can’t predict the amount of water available and therefore can’t guarantee an adequate flow of water at the fire hydrants, or a continuous supply of water for firefighting or other activities. The water supply in this area is subject to rainfall and melting of the accumulated snow pack and for the last few years this has decreased the supply of available water.

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