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Moth spray treatments set for Courtenay areas later this month

Aerial – spray treatments are scheduled for several Courtenay areas throughout this spring.

The goal of these treatments is to eradicate spongy moths while lowering the risks the moths pose for forests, farms, orchards, and trees, according to the province.

The treatments come following trapping results from last year showing that spongy moth populations are becoming more established in treatment areas, with Dove Creek having 652 hectares, and Courtenay 331 hectares.

The Ministry of Forests will be using Foray 48B, an insecticide that poses very low risk for humans, and doesn’t harm mammals, birds, fish, plants, reptiles, amphibians or bees.

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The insecticide only affects moths and caterpillars after ingesting it, with the province planning on running three spray treatments later this spring.

The treatments will be happening seven to ten days apart with Dove Creek receiving its treatment between sunrise and 8:30 a.m. and Courtenay’s treatment happening between sunrise and 7:30 a.m.

Residents are advised by the province to remain indoors, and to keep all doors and windows closed during the spraying, and at least 30 minutes after the treatment.

The treatments are scheduled to run between Mid-May and Mid-June of this year.

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