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Cumberland turns 125 next weekend

A huge milestone will be reached by Cumberland next weekend, as the village marks its 125th year anniversary.

To celebrate this milestone, the village is holding a free day-long event called Belonging 125, which is focused on honoring the community, while also recognizing the many that were left behind in the history of the village.

It will include live music, cultural performances, and a new exhibit for the public from the Cumberland Museum.

Village mayor Vickie Brown says the village has gone through a lot of changes, especially in recent years.

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“The pace of these changes has increased dramatically in the last ten years, and even during the course of the pandemic, there has been a whole bunch more people moving into the village,” says Brown.

“I think this milestone year is an opportunity for us to bring everyone together, those who have lived in the village for generations, and the people who moved a month ago, and really create a sense of belonging and inclusion.”

Along with hopes to see this event help people think about how they belong in the community, Brown adds that the world, including Cumberland, has been through some difficult times.

“There was not only the pandemic, but the toxic drug supply, increased cost of living, the housing crisis, and I think the antidote to many of those stressors is connection,” says Brown.

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“So using this anniversary and celebration to bring us together and talk about how we can connect and how we come together as a community to figure out how we want to move forward is important.”

The event is scheduled to run next Saturday June 10th.

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