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Island born author pens 12th novel, targeting abuse in the music scene

A Vancouver Island born author is taking a dive into abuse in the music industry through a new novel to be released in the summer.

The book, One Take Jake, will be released by author Jay Lang from the Comox Valley and it is the 12th novel from the writer in four years. It follows the story of a young musician, avenging the death of his sister following abuse from band members in Vancouver.

With an interest in creative writing, Lang says she tends to focus on thrillers and murder mysteries with relevant social issues woven in. The book, according to Lang, was influenced after seeing news reports about musicians who had drugged or raped young girls who had come to their concerts.

“I couldn’t get it out of my head, and I wanted to write something along the lines that I always write but I couldn’t get this out of my head, and it made me really angry,” said Lang. “So, I thought I might as while do a story about this, because I had so much passion and rage about it.”

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The writer, who has spent time as a costume designer for rock bands in the past, says the book began to “write itself” and would eventually receive backup support from multiple rock musicians around the world.

Some of the most notable artists include Joe Lynn Turner of Deep Purple, John Fogerty, Joel Hoekstra of Whitesnake, Alannah Myles, Darby Mills and Darren Smith.

“They were very passionate about it as well, and they had a lot to say about musicians that were abusing their power and preying on these young women and how it cast a shadow on the rest of the industry that were legitimate artists,” said Lang.

She adds the book features quotes from the artists throughout to paint the story’s picture, and feels it is an important story to tell especially for young girls heading into the entertainment industry.

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“My hopes in writing it was that maybe it would sound out or create conversation,” said Lang. “Even if it touches one girl, she realizes there are dangers out there and just because someone is in a position of power doesn’t mean that we should let ourselves be vulnerable.”

Writing has been one of many career paths for Lang over time. Before going to school and working as a costume designer before that, she travelled to the mainland to work as an actor and model.

She says for those looking to go into a similar or different career path, to take their own way and not worry as much about the numbers.

“Don’t go the conventional ways, make sure that when you’re submitting your work make sure that it is tight and you have best hook lines,” said Lang. “Don’t be afraid to be brave and just go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

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Lang will be in the valley to talk at the Courtenay Public Library on July 8. She is also a two-time award winner of the BWL Bestselling Author.

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