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First Pride Parade in Comox Valley set to run this summer

August will see the first pride parade to be held in the Comox Valley.

That’s according to Kathleen Pitt, a guardian with Queer Culture. She adds the parade will have a focus on loud music, fashion, uniqueness, and talent in the community and is the first sanctioned pride parade in the Valley.

“Our organization is the first to apply for the permits and try to put this whole thing together, and we are working with the Pride Society,” said Pitt.

“It’s a culmination, it is work experience of all of us using our best resources to work together as a community, and it’s time we all come together as one big community and that includes allies, people who are curious, queer identifying, and we just want a big, happy community that works together.”

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Along with the Pride Society being a part of this parade, Pitt adds they’re hoping to see the event succeed in two ways:

The first is financial success, with hopes that they will have money to give to their yearly education bursary, where every year they give away $5,000 for one student.

The second is to bring the community together, according to Pitt.

“We’re hoping for the success that this town can pull of a parade where everyone is there to celebrate and have a really great time, meet people they haven’t met before, and see the beauty of the queer culture, said Pitt.

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The Pride Parade is set to be held on 5th Street, starting at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 26.

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