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‘We’re advocating for a new law with teeth’: Coombs family mourns the loss of beloved pet

A Coombs family says they are completely devasted over the loss of their 18-month-old French Bulldog after a wolf-dog came out of nowhere and attacked Ocean.  

Greg Salmon says the attack happened around 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning while he and Ocean, were out on their morning walk on a trail by the Coombs Country Campground when the wolfdog grabbed his pet. 

“It pulled so hard that it broke Ocean’s collar and my little finger then ran off down the trail into the woods,” Salmon says in a media release. “I ran until I fell and got back up and called the police from the trailer. We searched but came across a trail of blood of what we believed was Ocean.  

“It was heartbreaking to see the trail of blood was still warm.” 

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Salmon says his family has time to grieve the loss but calls the attack unwarranted and senseless since there are places to drop pets off if they are not wanted and is calling for changes at the highest levels. 

“Our beloved girl should never have to die for us to push for change,” he says. “There are currently places where you can surrender unwanted pets with no questions asked. 

“Laws are not tough enough to uphold the abandonment of an animal, that is why we are advocating for a new law with some teeth.” 

In an email, Coombs Country Campground says the loss is tragic and they have taken steps to ensure accidents like this don’t happen again. 

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“For the safety of our guests, the trails have been closed and will remain closed until the wolfdog has been captured.” 

BC Animal Control says they can confirm a total of four attacks have taken place over the past two months and advise everyone to stay out of the area until the animal has been captured. 

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