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Local public speaker highlights being an introvert in TEDx talk

A Comox Valley public speaker talks about the differences in the brains of introverts and extroverts in a new TEDx Talk.

Monica Parkin is a Keynote speaker, author, and speaking coach, who says that being on TEDx was completely different to anything that she has done before.

“We had to memorize that talk word-for-word and it had to be approved by a committee, so you couldn’t deviate from your talk,” said Parkin.

“There was a long process of memorizing that talk, listening to it again and again, memorizing it, and I went through fits where it didn’t feel authentic, it’s starting to feel good, but I’m stuck on words. It then got to the point where you can do it in your sleep, and now you can do it naturally.”

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Parkin says she was the person who was terrified to stand-up in front of the room but knew that she had to do public speaking as part of her business.

This led to her joining a local club, where she walked out right after walking in.

“I didn’t even stay, I was so terrified,” said Parkin.

“But little by little, week after week as I got more practice, I started realizing that I love speaking, even as an introvert because there’s no small talk, no back and forth, you get to deliver a really cool message about things you are passionate about.”

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In her TEDx talk, The Secret Shame of Introverts, she talks about her experiences as an introvert, the differences between introverts and extroverts, and stereotypes about introverts.

She is currently putting together a six-week speaking course online, with the hopes of helping people become better speakers in a more fast-tracked process.

You can find the talk here.

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