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Be Aware of the Fire Risk from Lithium-ion Batteries

Comox Fire Rescue and the National Fire Protection Association are teaming up to raise awareness about the fire risk from lithium-ion batteries. 


The batteries are used in micro-mobility devices such as e-bikes and e-scooters, smaller electronics such as cell phones and laptops, and electric vehicles. 


As the use of this type of batteries increased, so did the number of fires associated with them.

Comox Fire Chief Gord Schreiner encourages residents to learn more about the hazards of lithium-ion batteries. 

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Schreiner says understanding how lithium-ion battery fires start, people can take the necessary steps to minimize the risks. 


In response to concerns and questions among members of the public, the NFPA created the ‘Charge into Fire Safety’ campaign with information that helps answer questions clearly and thoroughly. 


Comox Fire Rescue and NFPA recommend these tips when buying, charging, storing, and using lithium-ion batteries to help prevent fires:

  • Only purchase and use devices, batteries, and charging equipment that are listed by a nationally recognized testing lab and labelled accordingly. 
  • Use charging equipment that is only compatible with your device. To be safe, use only the charging equipment that is supplied with your device. 
  • Do not keep charging the device or device battery after it is fully charged. 
  • Do not put lithium-ion batteries in the trash. Recycling is always the best option. Take the batteries to a battery recycling location or contact your local waste department for disposal instructions. 
  • Stop using your device if the battery shows signs of damage, such as an unusual odour, excessive heat, popping sounds, swelling, or change in colour. 
  • Only have device repairs performed by a qualified professional. 

Learn more about the “Charge into Fire Safety” campaign and download the free safety tip sheets at 

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