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How Giving to Charity is Not Only Good for the Community – It’s Good for You

How Giving to Charity is Not Only Good for the Community – It’s Good for You

On Sunday, November 4th the Comox Valley Child Development Centre celebrates their 43rd annual telethon! From noon to 8pm at the Sid Williams Theatre, you can help the CVCDC help children in our area reach their highest potential!

Giving in any form or fashion is a wonderful thing. And giving to charitable organizations is not just good for them – it’s good for you and your community.

5 Reasons to Give to Organizations like the Comox Valley Child Development Centre

Giving Makes You Feel Good

Knowing that you are helping others is an amazing way of lifting your own spirits. Research has identified a link between giving and increased activity in the areas of your brain that register pleasure. Scientific proof that it truly is better to give than receive.

The CVCDA supports children and youth with developmental disabilities and their families. Their services are easy to access and are family-centred. They recognize that you know your child best.

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By giving to an organization like the CVCDA you are helping support real change for families and you will play an important role in the lives of children.

Strengthens Your Personal Values

A recent survey suggests that 96% of people who donate to charity say they feel a moral duty to use what they have to help others. That says so much about the personal values of people in your community. And it is ‘people’ who build a community.

The CVCDA’s mission is to help kids with various challenges who just need a bit of extra help to reach their highest potential. All children have their own personal values and develop at their own pace. The CVCDA recognizes that and is there to help develop a plan that is perfect for every individual child. Any donation you make allows each individual child the chance to succeed and thrive in your community.

Giving is More Impactful than Ever

Charities are more transparent than ever before. If you want your money donated to a particular project, charitable organizations will do what they can to make sure that happens. If you have a particular set of skills that could benefit an organization, your favourite charity can surely use your services.

Plus assisting a favourite charitable organization can also help boost business in the community too. A recent study suggests that millennials value social responsibility in their community, with 70% of them saying they’ll spend more with brands and companies that support local causes.

Giving to Charity Introduces to the Importance of Generosity

The CVCDA is all about helping kids. But children naturally love to help others too. The experience of donating shows children they can make positive changes in the world. This trait will stick with them as they grow which will help future communities to grow strong too.

Giving to Charity Encourages Others to Do the Same

Family giving creates a bond, helping to bolster relationships through a shared goal. Not only that, when friends and family work together for a common cause, more time and money can be shared making the community you love an even better place to live.

For more information, please contact us!

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