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Supreme Court rules in favour of CVRD in 3L lawsuit

The Supreme Court of British Columbia has ruled in favour of the CVRD following a petition filed by 3L Developments Inc. last year.

The petition was in response to the Comox Valley Regional Districts denial of 3L’s request to amend the Regional Growth Strategy(RGS).

The court’s ruling, which came down yesterday, dismissed all 13 claims made against the CVRD by 3L Developments Inc. regarding the management of their application for their proposed ‘Riverwood’ development near Stotan Falls.

The CVRD’s Chief Administrative Officer Russell Dyson says it might not be the end of the matter, but the district is happy with the ruling.

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“This may not be the end, there is always the opportunity for either party to appeal the decision, so we will wait and see whether that happens or not, but we feel vindicated in that claims were made against the regional district of bias and other things.Those were very serious, but the judge in considering all the facts ruled in our favour.”

To read the reasons of judgment, click here.

The CVRD first received the application to amend the Regional Growth Strategy from 3L on July 24th of last year.

On October 2nd it denied the application, and on October 18th it was served a petition to the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

We have reached out to 3L Developments Inc. for a comment, and have not heard back.

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