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Does your child, tween, or teen have an interest in the stage, or big screen? Do they need a space to explore their emotions? Tulloch Academy is hosting a summer sampler of their Acting, Musical Theatre and Voice Work program in Cumberland so your child can find the right fit for them!

And You Thought It Was Just Acting Out!

More often than not, disruptive behaviour in youth is because they have more energy and emotions than they know how to deal with. Acting up is a way for them to deal with that energy and test their ever-evolving world. Tulloch Academy takes great pride in teaching the tools to not only curb those behaviours, but actively encourages healthy ways of exploring and interacting with the world and people around them.

If you know a child, tween, or teen that needs a little encouragement coming out of their shell; Tulloch Academy has been building confidence since the day they opened their doors. The summer sampler is the perfect opportunity for your wall flower to explore new opportunities, and find new passions, that can help them become the Center of Attention you know they deserve to be! From giving them the courage to belt out a song on stage, to sharing their ideas openly with their peers without anxiety.

They Might Be Called Classes, But They’re So Much More!

During the Summer Sampler, you can visit the Cumberland Studio Location and explore the opportunities and programs that may be right for your children. They can explore dancing and acting so everyone gets to find out where their passions lie. Every Sampler Session is three hours 12 to 3, and there are three sessions available: June 4th for 6-to-8-year-olds. June 11th for 9- to 12-year-old. And June 18th for Teens.

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But the Summer Sampler is just a taste of the experience you can give your child at Tulloch Academy!

Their Acting classes focus on articulation, projection, body language, how to create a character, and much more to become an effective stage actor. But more than that, it also teaches patience, better communication, how to respect your peers, and how to help them when it’s needed.

Give your child of any age the tools to work off any extra energy, and a new way to express themselves! Tulloch Academy’s Musical Theatre Program gives every student the chance to sing, dance, and tell their own story through movement. Exploring storytelling through body language, and healthy ways to express intense emotions for all kinds.

With Tulloch Academy’s Voice Over Technique program, your child will learn all the best practices to become a voice actor for Commercials, Audio Books, Gaming, Animation and all the other burgeoning opportunities. Learn how to prepare and audition the voice NOT the character, and how to enhance their voice for any public speaking.

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Fall programs are year long including a production to shine light on all the skills your fledgling actor, dancer, or singer has learned throughout the year. Taking great pride in their productions, Tulloch Academy will often tailor a classic tale to be more relevant in today’s environment, continuously striving to be more culturally conscious, and representative. That includes working with local community and cultural leaders.

Not Just Unique Classes! Unique Teaching Too!

To say that every student who enrolls at Tulloch Academy learns a lot more than how to project, emote, and dance is not an understatement. While the focus is on stage and acting skills; there are so many life lessons to take a way from their unique approach to teaching your kids.

Getting on stage with an audience can be a nerve-wracking experience. So many eyes on you… nerves start to kick in. Then the mistake happens! It rings through your ears as you try to get back on track, but you’re sure everyone is judging you for saying Right instead of Left. That’s the feeling Tulloch Academy looks to overcome in every program.

Mandy Tulloch has a unique approach to teaching, and it starts with listening. Whether her student is a 6-year-old struggling to find the right words to explain how they’re feeling, or a teen not participating; Mandy’s approach equips them with a unique set of tools to help them.

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Maybe it’s talking with them in a one-on-one setting about what’s keeping your child from giving their all. Or working with them to understand what they’re feeling and helping them express it, Mandy doesn’t just teach how to put on a good show, there are life skills that go far beyond the stage. So, no matter if they continue onto Broadway or take on a new challenge in a few years, Mandy wants to make sure everyone benefits when they attend Tulloch Academy.

Enrolling at Tulloch Academy

Let your children, of any age, flex their creative muscles in an all new way! Tulloch Academy is offering a Summer Sampler that includes Acting, Musical Theatre, some dance, and Voice Coaching. Then you can enroll them into the full year program designed to further their skills, and give life long skills that can be taken off the stage and away from the camera.

Find more information, and register, at!





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