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Jangula still undecided on re-election bid

COURTENAY, B.C- Larry Jangula doesn’t know if he’ll be running for re-election yet.

Jangula currently serves as the Mayor of Courtenay, and is one of three members of Courtenay city council to remain undecided about seeking re-election. Three other councillors are seeking the mayor’s seat, and Councillor Doug Hillian has said he’ll be running again.

When asked about his intentions, Jangula indicated he was biding his time.

“My options are open,” said Jangula.

“I’m going to look and watch who comes forward to run for council. If I feel we have a group of people that are competent enough to basically get control of what’s going on, control our spending, and help to rectify a lot of the shortcomings we have, then I would consider running. If not, I will not.”

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At least two people not currently on council, Melanie McCollum and Will Cole-Hamilton, have indicated they’ll be running for a seat in Courtenay. Further candidates have yet to declare their intentions, with current councillors Mano Theos and Rebecca Lennox remaining undecided.

Municipal elections in British Columbia take place on Oct. 20, 2018, and the official nomination period for candidates begins on Sept.3.

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