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How PureFibre Technology Will Make Your Life Easier

How PureFibre Technology Will Make Your Life Easier

Everybody loves speedy internet. It’s just not something you think about all the time. However, it’s is something you have come to expect.

Smartphones, watches, tablets, and computers increasingly require stable, faster internet connections to function. But that’s not all: home appliances, door locks, security cameras, cars, wearables, dog collars, and other inert devices are connecting online too.

The Future is Now

In 2018, there are an estimated 6.4 billion devices connected to the internet. Studies predict that by 2020, there may be nearly 21 billion connected devices worldwide. That’s a lot more ‘people’ asking for a quick connection.

PureFibre technology is the fastest, most reliable internet connection available.

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5 Reasons Why Fibre Optics Is Better

1. Steadier Streaming
No more pixelated screens while your internet connection tries to reconnect to the network. PureFibre allows you to stream your favourite shows and movies without pauses to buffer – no matter how users are sharing your online feed.

2. Top Speeds 24 Hours a Day
There are times of the day when it feels like everybody is online. And you can tell because your internet connection slows to a crawl. No more. PureFibre allows for lightning fast internet connections – even at peak times – no matter how many people in your area are online.

3. Limitless Bandwidth
The word is ‘limitless.’ NOT ‘limited.’ Gamers know that milliseconds matter. PureFibre means you’ll never miss anything due to latency. Enjoy full speed on all your devices anytime – every time. Your internet won’t slow down, even when everyone’s connected.

4. Faster Sharing
Have you ever wanted to show someone something online but you end up spending more time waiting than sharing? Share memories in a heartbeat with PureFibre. There was a time when uploading something to the web took so much longer than downloading a file off the internet. With PureFibre, you can upload photos and videos as fast as you download them.

5. Better Mobility Coverage
PureFibre technology is not limited to your home or office. TELUS brings you the same lightning fast internet speeds you expect when you are on the go.

If there’s anything that everyone can agree on, it’s that blazing fast internet is a basic necessity in this day and age. Connect to the future today.

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