Fearless Female Friday
Tamara Warren

Tamara is one of , if not the hardest work person you will ever meet. She is a mother of three and works full-time as a biomedical engineer at our Comox Valley hospital.

Just last week, her drive to succeed, pushed her to apply for the North Island supervisor position. Well needless to say she got it. She is now not only the North island supervisor under which she supervises 20 sites. But she is also the very 1st female while medical supervisor in the history of the Of the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

I could go on for days about how intelligent and smart and bright in driven this woman is and I’m a 100% positive if you talk to anybody has anything to do with this great woman, they would also agree that she is a true Warrior that digs in and pushes herself and others to be better. PS Thank you for the opportunity to tell you about such a great woman in our community.