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Visitors being told to stay away from Quadra Island

If you don’t live there, stay off Quadra.

The community is asking people to avoid all non-essential travel to the island because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Quadra Island is a small community with limited resources and its share of vulnerable residents,” says Electoral Area C Director Jim Abram.

“Like other small destinations we are at special risk of exposure from people who may unknowingly travel with the infection. We all know now that isolation and limiting travel are key strategies in fighting this epidemic. Our community is asking anyone thinking of visiting Quadra, for discretionary reasons, reconsider and make plans to come at a safer time when we look forward to welcoming our visitors back”.

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The request for visitors to avoid the island comes from Abram, the Discovery Islands Chamber of Commerce, and the We Wai Kai First Nation.

They’re asking for people to stay away until the pandemic subsides, and point out that Destination BC today put all domestic and international marketing campaigns on hold in “a clear signal that it is time to put the brakes on tourism during this public health emergency.“

“We offer our gratitude to our extended family of seasonal visitors in understanding our concerns and acknowledging that we want to be here safe and sound when it’s the right time to return and enjoy Quadra Island with us” concluded Abram.

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