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Let it snow, let it snow, what to do with all this snow this year

Despite living in Canada, snow for Island residents is not much of a problem during the winter months, which can make clean-up a bit tricky.

With snow in the forecast this week, some guidelines are being outlined by the city to make the white stuff easier to deal with.

While the city says it takes care of roads in a priority system along with sidewalks, residents and businesses may need to take care of areas around their homes and buildings:

Businesses are required to clear sidewalks alongside the property by 12 p.m., and residents are encouraged to move snow next to their property.

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  • Moving parked vehicles off the street can help snowplows clear roads faster.
  • Don’t shovel snow onto the road from sidewalks or driveways. The city says this can create more traffic hazards.
  • Clear snow from storm drains and fire hydrants.
  • Clear snow from a neighbour’s driveway, this can help if they are seniors with limited mobility.

The city also says to carry large bags of salt for clearing ice and to keep children from playing in roadside snowbanks.

Snowplows should be given at least 10 metres of space and not pass them as rocks and other debris can be shot away from the snowplow.

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