Residents are being reminded about the importance of properly recycling old electronics.

Craig Wisehart, Executive Director of BC’s Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) says there are many environmental pros to doing so.

He notes that it’s a great way to keep unwanted materials out of landfills, and it’s easy to do.

“Staples and Best Buy stores take back our material [and] all of the Return-It depots on the North Island, the ones that take back the bottles and cans and such, all take back our materials. It’s easy to find a place and there’s no charge to return the electronics.”

He adds that there are harmful substances like led in many electronic systems that can end up polluting the environment.

Wisehart notes they have more than 200 depots across the province that recycle old and unused electronics. For more details on the Work EPRA does, visit their website at: