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SCUBA students to perform underwater assessment off Quadra Island

QUADRA ISLAND, B.C. – A crop of students are going underwater.

The students are a part of Campbell River’s DiveSafe International program. In its latest project, students will have the chance to perform the first-ever underwater environmental assessment of the old Quadra Island ferry dock.

“This particular site is almost tailor-made for training students in performing dive surveys and biological assessments,” said DiveSafe’s Director of Training, Kelly Korol, in a release.

“It’s a cornucopia of aquatic life – the seafloor is littered with old stumps and antique glass bottles from its former ferry days, which provide ideal habitats for small fish, crabs and marine life.”

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The program starts this summer, and students will learn how to perform underwater mapping, identify marine life, study sedimentation and evaluate the marine habitat of the Quadra Island site.

They’ll also explore skills such as planting eel-grass beds, transplanting marine life and building thriving artificial reefs.

“Performing this landmark dive survey at the old ferry dock is going to give our students a major leg-up toward snagging those highly coveted careers in occupational diving, aquaculture and marine biology,” Korol said.

DiveSafe International has been operating out of Campbell River since 2002. The 13-week professional SCUBA dual certification program is offered full-time in Campbell River and is eligible for E.I. and student loan funding.

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