VICTORIA, B.C.-A lobbying ban for some people is soon coming to British Columbia.

The ban, which goes into effect on May 1st, would prohibit all former public office holders from lobbying for two years after leaving their position.

The BC Government says this will ensure that lobbying is done “ethically and transparently”. As it stands now those in office can go into lobbying as soon as they leave. In a release, Attorney General David Eby said the ban will make sure all lobbyists are on a level playing field. He added it will eliminate the potential for undue influence from people who may have insider knowledge. 

However the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists will have the ability to grant exemptions to the two-year ban, if it would be in the public interest. If the registrar makes an exemption then the terms and conditions, and the reasons for it, will be made public knowledge.