COURTENAY, B.C. – A program is available for youth who want to become experts in audio production.

The Wachiay Friendship Centre Society, through its multimedia program, is putting on the free summer workshop. It’s available for youths 15 and older.

The first workshop is scheduled for Monday, July 30th through Friday, August 10th.

Wachiay Multimedia’s (WAMM) Director of Multimedia Studies, Rob Crowston, said it’s a basic recording techniques workshop.

“Ultimately, we would like to be able to provide an alternate path for young people in the (Comox) Valley. There are so few opportunities with regards to future employment, and multimedia provides opportunities that just simply don’t exist in the retail or food services industry,” he said.

“There’s opportunities for kids to learn some skillsets and then take those skillsets in an entrepreneurial way and find themselves employed, whether it’s drones at weddings or used car video productions, maybe it’s real estate.”

Image courtesy Rob Crowston.

Crowston said one of the planned sessions is directed more towards an adult audience on podcasting.

“Podcasting is a terrific way for people to get a message out there, or a story out there for, again, something like real estate – why should you use a broker, how mortgages work, all those kinds of things,” he explained.

He said he will be hosting a workshop before the start of the school year, that will be for 12 to 16-year-old audiences.

“I call it ‘Media in a Cup’, so using the technology you already probably have access to – a cell phone, an old Super 8 camera, a little digital recorder of some kind, a Go-Pro, and very inexpensive, like six dollars or free, software, for young people to get a taste of movie-making,” he said.

“Real people can make real films, and sure it might only be 70 seconds long, but it’s a start and that might be your future.”

For further details, and to sign up, contact the Wachiay Friendship Centre at (250) 338-7793. More information on WAMM can be found via its website.