CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – Linda Spooner, director and owner of the Campbell River Storm, issued a statement decrying a social media post made over the weekend that said the members of the VIJHL team were behaving badly at the local casino.

A local resident originally posted on Facebook that she was at Chances Playtime with her grandmother, when she saw members of the team being disruptive. She alleged that she saw team members and the coach fighting with the casino staff. The resident also allegedly heard some of the players making homophobic remarks towards a staff.

Other residents joined in and commented that they saw the members being rough and rowdy as well.

Another resident commented on the post and denied the allegation, saying the team members wouldn’t have been at the casino as they were preparing for a game.

Spooner said in her statement that no one from the team was at the casino during the incident. She added the casino is doing their own investigation into the matter, and that a statement from Chances is forthcoming.

“While we have investigated this and found it to be baseless, we as a society need to always be mindful that comments on social media have far reaching and lasting effects on anyone involved. These comments cannot be taken back. We should always be sensitive to what we say and especially what we post on social media. The team is made up of many young players who work hard to meet the expectations we have for them as role models in this community,” wrote Spooner.

The newsroom reached out to the resident who originally posted the complaint, Chances, and the team, but have not heard back.