CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – Jo-Ann Latta was walking along Duncan Bay Main Line Road this morning when she stumbled upon something unexpected.

She discovered an abandoned boat on the side of the path.

Image courtesy Jo-Ann Latta.

“It was in Campbell River, almost at the end of the road where it comes out by the (former) Elk Falls Mill area…where the old logging bridge is, it goes off to (the Gold River Highway). You would cross the old logging bridge and then just go up there, and if you kept going it would connect you with (Highway 19),” she said.

Latta said there are trails that go back towards the logging road near her home in the Woodburn Road area.

She noted that this wasn’t the first time she’s seen a boat on the side of the trail, saying she saw another vessel left behind about two years ago in the same area.

“It looks like it was dragged along the road quite far,” Latta said.

A request for comment has been sent to the City of Campbell River about the vessel.